Project Playtime Multiplayer Codes – [April 2024]

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Active Project Playtime Multiplayer Codes

Use the Project Playtime Multiplayer codes below, you can get a large number of rewards like free 500 gems
More Roblox codes can be found here *click here*

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All Project Playtime Multiplayer Codes

  • ORANGEANDPURPLE – Redeem code for free rewards (10 March 2024)

 – If any of the codes does not work, please let us know in the comments
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How use codes in Project Playtime Multiplayer?

To use the code, click on the Twitter icon (white bird) in the upper left corner of the screen. In the window that opens, paste the code and click “redeem”
The code was successfully received!

Project Playtime Multiplayer Codes
screen with tutorial (Project Playtime Multiplayer codes)

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What is Project Playtime Multiplayer?

Game link: Project Playtime Multiplayer

Welcome to the thrilling world of “Project Playtime Multiplayer” in Roblox! Inspired by the popular Project Playtime from MOB GAMES, this game offers players an exhilarating and collaborative multiplayer experience that promises endless excitement and suspense.

In “Project Playtime Multiplayer,” the objective is to collect all 25 boxes in order to escape on the train, but there’s a catch – one player will take on the role of Boxy and will do everything in their power to prevent the other players from escaping. The game is designed to be 100% collaborative, requiring players to work together and utilize their abilities to outsmart Boxy and make their grand escape.

As players navigate through the game, they have the ability to roll on the ground, adding a strategic element to their movements as they evade Boxy’s relentless pursuit. Additionally, players can hide in lockers, revive their friends, close doors, and even use the Grabpack to execute a daring escape. These features create a dynamic and immersive gaming experience that keeps players on the edge of their seats.

With tags such as “poppy playtime,” “rainbow friends,” and “boxy boo,” the game promises a blend of suspense, strategy, and camaraderie, providing a multi-faceted experience for players of all interests and skill levels.

Exploring the virtual world of “Project Playtime Multiplayer,” players will find themselves engrossed in a gripping atmosphere that challenges them to think on their feet and collaborate with fellow players in order to achieve their ultimate goal. The game’s immersive and interactive elements ensure that players experience a sense of thrill and anticipation throughout their gameplay.

Overall, “Project Playtime Multiplayer” in Roblox is a captivating game that offers a fusion of teamwork, strategy, and excitement. With a rich array of gameplay features and an engrossing premise, players will find themselves immersed in this adrenaline-pumping multiplayer adventure. Welcome to “Project Playtime Multiplayer,” where the journey is packed with surprises, challenges, and, most importantly, endless fun!

Сode doesn't work, what am I doing wrong?

This is an absolutely normal practice. Developers often post codes on their social networks, like Twitter or Discord, for the sake of increasing subscribers in their accounts. Therefore, the codes have a limited validity period, so that only active subscribers of their social networks could have used the code.

Please, if some code is “Expired” or just doesnt’t work write about it in the comments

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