How To Get Tushita in Blox fruits

  • Arrive in Castle on the sea and summon the boss rip_indra.
    After that, you need to go through the fountain and get into the room with the door (it needs to be broken)
    In the room, kill all the mobs (required) and jump to the top of the first right fountain from the entrance (if you are not in the room) or the first left fountain (if you are in the room)
    Then go through the white passage and u get a torch (automatic)

Step 2 (1/5 Torches).
  • Now you have 5 minutes to light 5 torches
    1. After you spawn, go ahead to the intersection and turn right, the torch is in one of the columns (screen 1)

Step 2 (2/5 Torches).
  • 2. The next torch is located at the bottom of two columns opposite

 Step 2 (3/5 Torches).
  • 3. Now follow the path between the 1st and 2nd torch (go towards pineapples) pass spawn point and between the 1st and 2nd tree on the left side (after spawn point) there is 1 tree on the right side in the highest pineapple there is a torch number 3

Step 2 (4/5 Torches).
  • 4. Go to the end of the trail, climb the hill and follow the gray path to the wall. turn right and enter the crack in the wall, you should find yourself in a ruined city. now go up the stairs on the right and go left to the wrecked ship. On the deck-hull you will find 4 torch

Step 2 (5/5 Torches).
  • 5. go back to the crack in the wall that you entered and there will be 5 torch on the first house

Okay, the torches have been collected, what’s next?
We return to the columns where there was 1 torch and see that the door opened ahead, go there, kill the boss (Longman) and get the coveted Tushita

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