How to Get Second Sea in Blox fruits?

Roblox: How to get Second Sea in Blox Fruits? Requirements and Full guide

You have reached the limit of Level in the first sea, but do not know how to get into the second sea? In this guide I will describe step by step how to gain access to the second sea. To level up faster in the second sea you can use Active Blox Fruits Codes


  • You must be LvL. 700 or above

Full guide:

Step 1.

The starting point for the guide is Starting island for pirates. Fly towards Prison (it is to the left of Fountain City). There will be a Military Detective at the port, talk to him, he will give you a key.

Step 2.

The next target is Frozen Village. Arriving there, go to the cave where you received the aura. There will be a door inside, you can open it with the key that you received. The Ice Admiral boss will be in the room. Defeat him and return to Military Detective.

Step 3.

Returning to military detective, he will say that the quest has been completed and will tell you that there is an Experienced Captain in Middle town who can transport you to Second Sea.
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