How to get portals in Blox Fruits? Roblox

How to get portals in Blox Fruits?

Roblox: How to get portals in Blox fruits? Full guide and requirements.

Step 1.

The main requirement – defeat rip_indra

How to summon rip_indra?
  1. Get Chalice (3 methods)
    • Obtain a Chalice by killing Elite Pirates with a small drop chance (2,5% or 5%)
    • A Chalice spawning in a random chest every 4 hours (100%)
    • “Praying” on the Gravestone NPC, located at the Haunted Castle (1% and also grants Hallow Essence)
  2. Arrive in Castle on the sea 
  3. After obtaining a chalice, the Aura color quest is required next. Complete it by pressing 3 buttons hidden around Castle on the Sea, the player needs the 3 legendary Aura color equipped to press the buttons: Pure Red (Red), Winter Sky (Pink) and Snow White (White).
  4. After the buttons are activated, put chalice on a pedestal in the castle and rip_indra shoud be spawn

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