How Get Slime Class in Critical Legends?

Roblox: How Get Slime Class in Critical Legends?

In this guide, I will tell you in detail how to get the Slime class (Tier 1) in the game Critical Legends. This class is rightfully in the top 3 classes in Critical Legends and is also easy to get early in the game, let’s get to it.

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How Get Slime Class in Critical Legends?

To get the Slime class you need to use an active item – Slime Egg. It has a low chance of dropping from the Slime King mob.

Where is the Slime King in Critical legends?

IMPORTANT Tip: You must have a high enough jump so that you can jump into the cave along the way

I wouldn’t want to confuse you with my suggestions of where to turn, where to jump, so it’s better to watch a minute-long video with the full path to the Slime King:

Play Video

Are there any Slime class evolutions?

Yes, the slime class has 5 evolution tiers:

Class Progression: Green Slime (Slime T1) -> Purple Slime (Slime T2) -> Blue Slime (Slime T3) -> King of the Slimes (Slime T4) -> King of the Underworld (Slime T5)  

Class Ability:

  • Every pick orb lowers enemies defense.
  • A small jump after taking the orb
  • Life Steal
  • Bonus Hits: 
    Have less than (2.5 * Level) Mana
    (i.e. at lvl 400, have less than 1000 mana)
    50% chance for double hit
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