Dragon Soul Codes – [April 2024]

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Active Dragon Soul Codes

Use the Dragon Soul codes below, you can get a large number of rewards like free Zeni, mystery boost, XP Boosts & more
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All Dragon Soul Codes

  • DragonBallsComingSoon — Redeem for 50 percent XP Booster for thirty minutes (19 February 2024)
  • 160klikes — Redeem for 2,000 Zeni 
  • 125KLikes — Redeem for a Mastery Boost
  • 100KLIKES — Redeem for Zeni and XP Boosts
  • RADRIBBON — Redeem for 2,000 Zeni
  • dragonsoul — Redeem for 30 percent XP Booster for three hours

 – If any of the codes does not work, please let us know in the comments
(we will remove the code from the list)

+ If you know a working code that is not in the list, please let us know in the comments
(we will add it to the list)

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How use codes in Dragon Soul?

To use it, press “M” or open the menu. At the very bottom in the middle, open the “codes” tab. In the window that opens, paste the code and click “claim”
The code was successfully received!

screen with tutorial (Dragon Soul codes)

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What is Dragon Soul?

Game: Dragon Soul

Dragon Soul is an action-packed mobile game that is inspired by the popular anime series “Dragon Ball.” With stunning graphics, dynamic gameplay, and a captivating storyline, this game brings the iconic characters and their strength to life. As a player, you have the opportunity to take on the role of the beloved heroes such as Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and many others, as you strive to defend the Earth from various powerful enemies.

The game allows you to experience intense battles, using a variety of fighting techniques and special moves that are reminiscent of those seen in the anime. As you progress through the game, you can power up your characters, unlock new abilities, and upgrade their skills to unleash their full potential. Additionally, Dragon Soul features an innovative combat system that incorporates elements of strategy, allowing you to plan your attacks and outmaneuver your opponents.

In Dragon Soul, you can embark on thrilling quests, challenge formidable bosses, and participate in epic tournaments to test your skills. The game also offers a variety of game modes, including PvP battles, where you can compete against other players from around the world. Furthermore, the game regularly introduces new events, updates, and special promotions to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging for both new and seasoned players.

With its faithful recreation of the Dragon Ball universe, Dragon Soul immerses you in a world filled with iconic characters, intense battles, and mythical creatures. The game’s captivating visuals, vibrant sound effects, and nostalgic music further enhance the immersive experience. Whether you are a long-time fan of the anime series or new to the world of Dragon Ball, Dragon Soul offers a thrilling and action-packed gaming experience that is sure to appeal to any fan of the franchise.

Overall, Dragon Soul is a must-play for any fan of the “Dragon Ball” anime, as it faithfully captures the essence of the series while offering a compelling and interactive gaming experience. With its impressive graphics, strategic gameplay, and a vast array of content, this game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end as you embark on an adventure through the Dragon Ball universe. So, gather your strength, summon your inner power and join the world of Dragon Soul today!

Сode doesn't work, what am I doing wrong?

This is an absolutely normal practice. Developers often post codes on their social networks, like Twitter or Discord, for the sake of increasing subscribers in their accounts. Therefore, the codes have a limited validity period, so that only active subscribers of their social networks could have used the code.

Please, if some code is “Expired” or just doesnt’t work write about it in the comments

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