Cabin Crew Simulator Codes – [May 2024]

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All Cabin Crew Simulator Codes

Use the Cabin Crew Simulator codes below, you can get a large number of rewards
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Active Cabin Crew Simulator codes:

    • 100m — Redeem for 1.3k Skybux (23 December 2023)
    • decoration — Redeem for 1.3k Skybux (23 December 2023)
    • customize — Redeem for 1.3k Skybux (23 December 2023)
    • airstairs — Redeem for 1.3k Skybux (17 December 2023)
    • service — Redeem for 1.3k Skybux (17 December 2023)
    • galley — Redeem for 1.3k Skybux
    • boba — Redeem for 1.3k Skybux
    • jetway — Redeem for 1.3k Skybux
    • badge — Redeem for 1.3k Skybux
    • pilot — Redeem for 1.1k Skybux
    • landing — Redeem for 1.1k Skybux
    • snow — Redeem for 1.6k Skybux
    • captain — Redeem for 1.2k Skybux
    • turbulence — Redeem for 1k Skybux
    • paris — Redeem for 2k SkyBux
    • triple7 — Redeem for 1.5k SkyBux

    How use codes in Cabin Crew Simulator?

    To use the code, click on the gift icon on the left side of the screen. In the window that opens, paste and click “claim”
    The code was successfully received!

    screen with tutorial (Cabin Crew Simulator codes)

    What is Cabin Crew Simulator?

    Game: https://www.roblox.com/games/5171347293/UPDATE-Cabin-Crew-Simulator

    In Cabin Crew Simulator, you are in control of your own airline empire. Begin by creating your airline, customizing the exterior and interior of your aircraft, and selecting a variety of delicious meals and refreshing drinks for your passengers to enjoy.

    As a flight attendant, your primary goal is to provide a safe and pleasant journey for your passengers. Attend to their needs, ensuring their comfort and satisfaction throughout the flight. Interact with passengers, offer assistance, and maintain a friendly and professional demeanor.

    But be prepared for unexpected challenges! Experience a range of in-flight emergencies, from fires that need to be extinguished swiftly to handling water-related incidents and even navigating through crash landings. Your quick thinking and decisive actions will be crucial in ensuring the safety of everyone on board.

    In addition to your regular duties, engage in exciting and daring missions that will put your skills to the test. From challenging rescue operations to high-stakes situations, these missions will earn you valuable in-game currency called Skybux, allowing you to further expand and enhance your airline.

    Take on the role of a dedicated cabin crew member, immerse yourself in the dynamic world of aviation, and rise through the ranks to become a renowned airline tycoon. Will you successfully manage your airline, handle emergencies with confidence, and provide exceptional service to your passengers? The sky’s the limit in Cabin Crew Simulator!

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