BEAR* Codes – [April 2024]

The pages are checked and updated every day for the presence of new codes

Active BEAR* Codes

Use the BEAR* codes below, you can get a large number of rewards like free Brownies, gems, tokens, bear skin & more
More Roblox codes can be found here *click here*

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All BEAR* Codes

  • ROBMAXXING — Redeem for a B.A.C.H.E.R.O.B Skin 
  • WHIP — Redeem for 320 Brownies
  • NONONO — Redeem for a free Bear Skin 
  • 3RDYEAR — Redeem for a free Bear Skin 
  • CIRCUSARRIVAL — Redeem for a Skin, Gear and 100 Tokens
  • 4JULY — Redeem for Kill Effect
  • TRILOGY3 — Redeem for 20 Gems

 – If any of the codes does not work, please let us know in the comments
(we will remove the code from the list)

+ If you know a working code that is not in the list, please let us know in the comments
(we will add it to the list)

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How use codes in BEAR*?

To use the code, click on “shop” on the left side of the screen. In the window that opens on the right, paste the code and click “redeem”
The code was successfully received!

BEAR* Codes
screen with tutorial (BEAR* codes)

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What is BEAR*?

Game link: BEAR*

Step into the thrilling world of “BEAR*” in Roblox, where a fearsome and all-consuming entity known as Bear has wrought havoc upon the unsuspecting world with unprecedented speed and ferocity. In this heart-pounding game of survival, Bear’s insatiable hunger for destruction presents a constant threat, requiring players to remain vigilant and rely on sheer luck every step of the way to evade its clutches.

Prepare yourself for intense encounters and challenging situations as you navigate the dangerous landscape teeming with danger and uncertainty. With Bear’s relentless pursuit and unpredictable movements, the stakes have never been higher, pushing you to the limits of your wits and reflexes in a battle for survival.

In a world where every decision can mean the difference between life and death, face the ultimate test of skill and courage as you strive to outmaneuver Bear and emerge victorious against all odds. Will you have what it takes to navigate this treacherous world, evade Bear’s wrath, and conquer the formidable challenges that lie ahead? Dare to face the ultimate predator and embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey filled with danger, excitement, and adrenaline-pumping thrills. Prepare for an unforgettable gaming experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you strive to outwit the one and only Bear.

Сode doesn't work, what am I doing wrong?

This is an absolutely normal practice. Developers often post codes on their social networks, like Twitter or Discord, for the sake of increasing subscribers in their accounts. Therefore, the codes have a limited validity period, so that only active subscribers of their social networks could have used the code.

Please, if some code is “Expired” or just doesnt’t work write about it in the comments

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