Anime Lands Simulator Codes – [May 2024]

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All Anime Lands Simulator Codes

Use the Anime Lands Simulator codes below, you can get a large number of rewards from yen potion, damage potion to gems.
More Roblox codes can be found here *click here*

Active Anime Lands Simulator codes:

    • UPDATE4 – Redeem code for free rewards (17 December 2023)
    • PASSIVES – Redeem code for free rewards (17 December 2023)
    • 3KLIKES – Redeem code for free rewards (17 December 2023)
    • 2KLIKES – Redeem code for free rewards (17 December 2023)
    • SORRYFORSHUTDOWN – Redeem code for 4 2x Yen Potions
    • RELEASE – Redeem code for 2x Damage potion, 2x Lucky Potion, 2x Power potion, 2x Yens potion, 100 gems
    • NEW – Redeem code for 2x Damage potion, 2x Lucky Potion, 2x Power potion, 2x Yens potion, 200 Powers

    How use codes in Anime Lands Simulator?

    To use the code, click on the “Rewards” icon on the right side of the screen. In the window that opens, paste the code and click “redeem”
    The code was successfully received!

    screen with tutorial (Anime Lands Simulator codes)

    What is Anime Lands Simulator?

    Game: https://www.roblox.com/games/13743091461/RELEASE-Anime-Lands-Simulator

    Welcome to Anime Lands Simulator, an epic adventure where you’ll embark on a quest to conquer new realms and become a legendary hero.

    In this immersive world, your ultimate goal is to defeat enemies and claim victory. With each triumph, you’ll earn valuable yens, the currency that empowers you to unlock exciting opportunities and enhance your abilities.

    Open chests scattered throughout the lands to reveal treasures and collect new heroes. These brave and powerful warriors will join your cause, adding strength and diversity to your team. Strategically choose your heroes and harness their unique skills to overcome even the toughest adversaries.

    As you progress, you’ll unlock new lands waiting to be explored. Each land holds its own mysteries, challenges, and rewards. Venture into uncharted territories, discover hidden secrets, and unlock the true potential of Anime Lands.

    But beware, for the path to greatness is not without its obstacles. Face formidable enemies, navigate treacherous terrain, and test your skills in intense battles. Your determination and tactical prowess will be essential in overcoming these hurdles and emerging victorious.

    Gather your courage, sharpen your blades, and embark on this extraordinary journey through Anime Lands. Let the thrill of battle and the allure of discovery guide you towards becoming the ultimate hero. Are you ready to forge your destiny and leave your mark on this vibrant anime-inspired world? The adventure awaits.

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