3 Best Endgame Classes in Critical Legends

Roblox: 3 Best Endgame Classes in Critical Legends

One of the most unusual games in Roblox – Critical Legends, has a lot of classes for different playstyles. Of course, they are not all really strong.. In this article I want to share the endgame classes in the game that I consider to be the strongest.

Table of Contents

1. Lord of Eternity

Class Progression: King (King T1) -> Void King (King T2) -> Lord of eternity (King T3)

Class Ability:

  • In one “hit”, you deal damage 2 times.
  • For each hit on the enemy, you get gold and experience, depending on your level + a 2x multiplier is applied to this
  • For defeating an opponent, you get EXP and gold with a 2x multiplier
  • Applies a Bonus Hit on orb hit. Bonus hits deal 110% damage + a bonus based on your current gold.
    Formula: (100 + gold/1000)/100 (cap is 4 times damage).
    Damage multiplication limit: 400% or 40m golds
  • Applies a Bonus normal melee attack for every 100 levels you have.
    Bonus normal melee attacks do not gain bonus damage like bonus hits do.

Due to the 2X EXP and gold, you will be able to reach the maximum level very quickly, as well as accumulate a lot of gold capital. Even though this class does decent damage, and it looks very nice, I still think it’s weaker than the classes I’ll talk about below

2. Skypian Tier 2

Class Progression: Skypian T1 -> Skypian T2

Class Ability:

  • The damage depends on the number of summoned Orbs on the battlefield
  • Guaranteed to summon 8 orbs when you touch class orbs.

The main mechanics of this class is dealing damage with the help of summoned orbs.
Summoned orbs deal damage only when orbs collide with an opponent.
Class orbs deal little damage, but each take of class orb summons 8 regular orbs.

The main disadvantage, as for me, is the risk of getting damage from the enemy due to the fact that you will need to direct your orbs, which follow you, at the enemy. But this class has a lot of damage

3. King of Underworld

Class Progression: Green Slime (Slime T1) -> Purple Slime (Slime T2) -> Blue Slime (Slime T3) -> King of the Slimes (Slime T4) -> King of the Underworld (Slime T5)  

Class Ability:

  • Every pick orb lowers enemies defense.
  • A small jump after taking the orb
  • Life Steal
  • Bonus Hits: 
    Have less than (2.5 * Level) Mana
    (i.e. at lvl 400, have less than 1000 mana)
    50% chance for double hit

Due to the basic huge damage, lowering the enemy’s defense, life steal, double strike – this class is considered the strongest in the game, albeit difficult to obtain

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